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Points per Mile for 2009 IBA Riders

The Dayton Motorcycle Club:  The Family Motorcycling Place in Dayton, Ohio

The American Motorcyclist Association:  American Motorcyclist Association

Dayton Old Time Newsies Motorcycle Races in June for Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Get a BOOST out of life! The Turbo Motorcycles International Owners Association:  The Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association

Like BMWs?

And you THINK you like to ride? Check out the Iron Butt Association!  The Iron Butt Association

Side case of my ST1100A with a trash bag filled with 2 gallons of water. 2 gallons on each side will take the 7.4 gallons to 11.4 for IBA use. The side cases lock onto the bike and with a 1/2 inch hose to the bottom of the tank and a vent tube to the neck of the filler will allow the cases to fill and empty with as a part of the main tank, son no other vents, valves, or switches needed.

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